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Restoring the Volume Control to the Taskbar

Restoring the Volume Control to the Taskbar
The steps that should be taken to restore the volume control icon to the taskbar vary depending on the version of Windows that's being used.

Go to the Control Panel, and then select the Sounds and Audio Devices tab. From there, select the Volume tab, and then check the box that's next to "Place volume icon in taskbar." The volume control should instantly reappear on the taskbar in its regular spot.

In Vista, go to the Control Panel. Double-click the Taskbar and Start Menu option. In the panel that opens up, select the Notification Area tab. Put a checkmark in the box next to Volume on the list of system icons. The volume control icon should show up on the taskbar again right away.

Windows 7
To restore the volume icon on the taskbar through the Control Panel, open the Control Panel and click on the System Icons icon. Next, click on the Behaviors drop-down menu next to the Volume icon. Click On from the menu, and then click OK.

The volume icon can also be restored by right-clicking the taskbar and clicking Properties. Next, select the Customize button, which is listed next to the Notification area. Click cancel to close the resulting window, and then click on the Turn system icons on or off option. Next, click on the Behaviors drop-down menu to the left of the Volume icon, click On, and then click OK.

Windows 8
The simplest way to restore the volume control to the taskbar in Windows 8 is by right-clicking the taskbar and selecting Properties. After choosing the Customize option, scroll down the list of icons to find the Volume icon. Make sure that the Show option is selected. If the Volume icon does not appear on the list, try selecting Turn System Icons On or Off. If that doesn't work, try selecting Restore Default Icon Behaviors.

Additional Options
If the volume control icon fails to reappear after the preceding steps are followed, one final option may be to uninstall the system's audio drivers, restart the computer, reinstall them, and then restart the computer again.

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